Feb 15 2011

Next Meeting is Tuesday, February 22nd @6:30, Friendship Park Community Center on131st Street !

The meeting will be at the Friendship Community Center, on 131st St, Point Place.

Go to “Meeting & Events Calendar” on the left , to view map.

The guest speaker for this month, is Sandy Blihn, from Lake Erie Waterkeepers Association.  Sandy will talk about current projects to improve the quality of Lake Erie and  the local tributaries that impact Lake Erie. Sandy’s presentation should be of special interest to us,  being “users” of these water ways,  please plan to attend, so you will  learn and ask questions about this fantastic natural wonder in our back yard!!

To Learn more about Lake Erie Waterkeepers Association, go to Helpful Links on the right, and click on Lake Erie Waterkeepers Association tab, which will take you to their web site.

Please give some thought to a logo for the club. We can use the logo at the top of the web site and flyers!!