Dec 31 2012

No Paddling New Years Day!

Well not this New Years Day are we going to be able to get out and paddle, again due to all the ice around the dock, as evident by our Ottawa-cam (

I thought for sure that this year we would be out paddling, since we had an “in” with a local weatherman (name to remain anonymous- right GC) that we all would be out there paddling on the Ottawa River on New Years Day, but mother nature couldn’t be influenced to give us that opportunity, EVEN with the added nudge of our weatherman “connection”!! LOL

If you do go out somewhere, where there is no ice, please remember that with the low water temperature, hypothermia sets in with in minutes, even with a wet suite!

So Paddle safe and don’t paddle by your self, we want you to paddle with us this spring!  Happy New Year !!