Saturday’s Paddle on the Ottawa River

 In 2013

Paddle up the Ottawa River January 12, 2013

Saturday January 12, 2013 was a beautiful day for a paddle on the Ottawa River.  Kevin, Dave and I started out around 11:30am.  The wind was a little brisk blowing against us.  As the river narrowed the wind got calmer and it was a lot warmer and easier to paddle. 

 As we paddle up the river we came upon some ice that stretched across the river.  I told the guys I was going to paddle really fast and I was either going to slide right up on the ice or break right through it.  The noise breaking through the ice was really loud.  It was so much fun.  So I made a path for the two guy to follow behind me.  There were a couple other spots that had ice across the river.  This was a first for all of us paddling through ice.

  The further we paddle the warmer we got.  Then we came upon the train bridge and on the other side was rapids and a drop down of about 8 in.  Kevin tried to paddle through that but was forced back by the current.  He decided not to try it again fearing he might tip over.  If it would have been a lot warmer we might have tried to get through it.  That is where we turned around and started back. 

Returned back around 4:30pm.  It was a great experience with the ice and just getting out and paddling. 


                                         Submitted by Lorraine

Apparently WTVG got wind of this winter paddle and obtained a picture of Lorraine and Kevin getting into their kayaks, showing it in the 6 pm weather segment!

Click the link below, to view the video clip:

Jan 12-2013 Lorraine and Kevin shorter


2013-1-12 January outing Kevin by Arched RR bridge

Kevin under the Norfolk Southern Rail Road Bridge

2013 -1-12 January outing Dave by CSX tracks

Dave near the CSX Rail Road Tracks

2013-1-12 January outing Kevin and Dave

Kevin and Dave

2013-1-12 January outing Kevin

Kevin breaking  the ice that was left


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