November’s meeting – Falcon Sails

You missed a great presentation by Patrick Forrester of Falcon Sails LLC.

Patrick explained how his sail and rigging works and why his is far superior to the other 2 kayak sail products that are out there!

He also shared the reason why anyone would put one on their kayak, the various sizes and which size sail, .75, 1.0 or 1.3 square meter sail to use and how to install the sail.

If you are an ACTIVE paddler with the NWORR group, Falcon Sails will give you a 20% discount off list price! to get your discount, please email, please enter “Falcon Sails Discount” in the subject to get more information.

Patrick Forrest  of Falcon Sails

Patrick Forrester of Falcon Sails, demonstrating how the sail is controlled from the cock pit

November 19th’s meeting, I have scheduled Falcon Sails to show his products of sails that mount on kayaks!

Patrick lives in Perrysburg (we’ll try to over look that), and I think He builds them out of his house.

This should be a very interesting meeting, looking forward to seeing all of you, I told Patrick we would “pack” the hall!


Check him out:

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