Maumee Triadventure May 17th-2014

We have been requested to help out in the 3 stage race, similar to a triathlon.
1st stage – a 36 mile bicycle peddle
2nd stage – 6 mile canoe/kayak paddle – from Independence Dam to Florida)
3rd stage – 6 mile hike/back pack containing %25 of your body weight

our help is need for the “paddle” stage, by helping launch the participants in the water, make sure that they have their PFD’s on properly, and provide monitoring participants along the 6 mile paddle in the water.

This event is Saturday, May 17th,  needing to be at Independence Dam by 8:30am and should be completed at 11:30.

The thought is to meet at Florida, possibly use Dave’s kayak trailer to haul the kayaks down to Independence Dam so that when the paddle to Florida, they came just leave!

So if yo feel you can safely help kayakers in the water with out jeopardizing your own safety and help the person in trouble, please let me know, we need a minmum of 10 kayakers!  


Bob –

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