Changing location for this Tuesday’s outing – Sept. 2nd

This Tuesday’s outing will be at 3 Meadows pond, which is in Perrysburg! We will be practicing wet water exiting ( tipping your kayak over ), no paddling this night, nothing happening at HP Landing!
The Toledo River Gang, a white water kayaking club, will also be there to assist if needed. They practice rolls where they roll completely over and back up all in one swift move! Our goal is for everyone in the group experience exiting and getting back into your kayak.So bring your your swim suit and kayak!

Here is location of the pond, I-75 to route 20 (exit 193), take towards Perrysburg then first light is 3 meadows rd, turn right ( only way). Zig zag to end where you see a parking lot with kayaks on the right!

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