Winter meetings

Tuesday October 17th, is our first “off season” kayak meeting.
This month’s meeting will be how to clean and store our kayaks whether it be during the warm months or for winter storage.

Thought we could share how we clean and store our kayaks sharing ideas, by sending me your pictures to and will put them together for discussion on the big screen at the Metroparks Hall meeting building.

This idea came about by Dave Zobler, who is contemplating how to store his kayaks for the winter to keep them out of the weather elements. We figured with many newbies and paddlers that have expanded their kayak fleet, might only now think about the approaching winter.

Don’t forget, meetings are 3rd Tuesday of the month building opens at 6pm, with meeting starting at 6:30, located at Metroparks hall, in the Wildwood Park on Central Ave.
(map below)

Park in lots 3,4,5 or 6

2017/18 meeting dates:
October -17th
November – 21st
December – 19th

January – 16th
February – 20th
March – 20th
April – 17th

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