January 16th, 2018 Meeting

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At the January meeting , Tuesday January 16th, 2017, Charlie Johnson, retiree from the CITE Program at the Lucas County Juvenile Court, will show a 15 minute power point presentation and will discuss the boat program at the Sofia Quintero Center. The Sofia Quintero Center over the last 10 years has built 11 boats by youths referred by the Juvenile Court, these boats included 2 row boats, 1 sailboat and 8 cedar strip canoes.

Charlie will also bring a cedar strip kayak built and donated to the Sofia Quintero Center by Mr.Claus, to be raffled (at a later date but will be selling tickets at meeting) to help support the program. He will also be discussing opportunities for others interested in woodworking, boat building and paddling to get involved in the boat program.

Hope everyone can attend to see the wonderful work these young people have accomplished and the possibility of starting a kayak building class in Toledo, if there is sufficient interest!

Meeting information at www.nworr.org/meeting-information/

we we will also have discussion on possible projects and events for the 2018 season, hope to see you there!

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