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July 31st 2012 Moon Light outing published in “City Paper”

(Wrote by our own Alison NWORR member in the Aug. 8th issue of the “City Paper”)

Night sky nature

Outdoor fun by moonlight

By Alison Wood Osmun

High on moonshine
Laughter and lively banter mingle with the sound of paddles pulling through shimmering water as the Northwest Ohio River Runners’ embark on another of their popular moonlight cruises. The group of kayakers like to take to the evening waters for a glide — a nighttime adventure on the Ottawa River that’s open to all. “The river offers a whole different experience in the evening. Your senses are more attuned to everything out there; it’s just a very unique and fun way to enjoy nature,” says organizer Bob Pulhuj.

Everyone is invited to participate in the next NWORR’s kayaking experience on Tuesday, August 28 (and also again on September 25th around the Harvest Full Moon) at the Howard Pinkley Landing on Shoreland Ave. Socializing begins at 7pm with free pizza and water provided (bring a chair and beverage — alcohol is not permitted in the public park); the launch is at 8:30pm. If you are not a kayaker, or have questions about the sport, you are also welcome to come. “It’s a great group of easy-going folks. The camaraderie and friendship is just fantastic,” Pulhuj says. Two kayaks are available (with life jackets and paddles) for free loan with a reservation. A bow light taped to your craft is required. Please visit for upcoming activities, contact info, and to RSVP for the pizza and to reserve kayaks and bow lights.

Paddle with the group every Tuesday at 6:30pm from the Howard Pinkley
Landing (May to October; life jackets required).