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Moon light Cruise Oct. 11, 2011 Point/Shoreland Journal

Kayakers prepare to head out for their moonlight cruise

River Runners enjoy moonlight cruise
The moon was shining at its fullest Sunday evening, October 9, lighting the way for the 11 kayakers who braved the dark waters of the Ottawa River.
Participants were equipped with white bow lights on their kayaks and various colored glow sticks attached to the backs of their personal flotation jackets, provided by the club, to ensure a safe and fun paddle for the evening.
Some brought their own lighting systems, which included a head mounted type of flashlight and white lights mounted on a pole, that elevated the light just above their head, for full 360รป viewing by oncoming watercraft.
Leaving the Howard Pinkley Landing at 7:30 p.m., the River Runners followed the Shoreland Road shoreline to the Summit Street Bridge, where they crossed the river. They then paddled along Ottawa River Road shoreline, to the lagoon near 287th Street, returning to the landing at 9 p.m.
After the cruise, the kayakers enjoyed dinner and a discussion about their excursion.