Feb 27 2011

Next Meeting is Tuesday, March 22nd @6:30, Friendship Park Community Center

The next meeting will be on Tuesday , March 22nd, at 6:30, looking forward to seeing you there!

We will have the world renown traveler and canoer, Clem Cybulski of Point Place! Mr Cybulski  will honor us with his favorite and most popular selection,  that of “Canoeing the Rio Grande River in Texas“! I think you will thoroughly enjoy Mr. Cybulsksi’s presentation, as it will keep you on the edge of your seat as He swiftly paddles you through three spectacular canyons and Big Bend National Park!

Feb 15 2011

Next Meeting is Tuesday, February 22nd @6:30, Friendship Park Community Center on131st Street !

The meeting will be at the Friendship Community Center, on 131st St, Point Place.

Go to “Meeting & Events Calendar” on the left , to view map.

The guest speaker for this month, is Sandy Blihn, from Lake Erie Waterkeepers Association.  Sandy will talk about current projects to improve the quality of Lake Erie and  the local tributaries that impact Lake Erie. Sandy’s presentation should be of special interest to us,  being “users” of these water ways,  please plan to attend, so you will  learn and ask questions about this fantastic natural wonder in our back yard!!

To Learn more about Lake Erie Waterkeepers Association, go to Helpful Links on the right, and click on Lake Erie Waterkeepers Association tab, which will take you to their web site.

Please give some thought to a logo for the club. We can use the logo at the top of the web site and flyers!!

Feb 11 2011

US COAST GUARD AUXILIARY Boating/Kayaking Training (Spring 2011)

FLOTILLA  16 – 15 , North Toledo, Ohio
9th District CR
Members 2
Boating Courses
Vessel Safety Check
Diversity Statement

Division 16
District 9CR

Boating Courses

We offer a number of Safe Boating Classes for the public in addition to Kayak Classes.  For Further information and to make reservations for any of these classes call: Jan @ 419-698-4122Class Schedule for 2011
Time Where Class Subject

Feb 25 & 26th   6 to 9pm & 9am to 5 TBD ABS Course

March 25 & 26   6 to 9pm & 9am to 5 TBD ABS Course

Apr 15 & 16        6 to 9pm & 9am to 5 TBD                            ABC Course

May 17,18, 19     6 to 9pm Lost Peninsula Marina ABC Course
Erie, Mi -Point Place

Class at Lost Peninsular is three (3) nights long. The others are 2 nights.
See Kayaking Classes and on the water schedule below.
The  ABC  Course-America’s Boating Course is NASBLA approved.
Cost per student: $35.00              We offer Family and group rates

The state of Ohio, ORC 1547.05 states that no person born on or after January 1, 1982, shall operate a power craft powered by more than 10 horsepower unless the operator has received a certificate for successful completion of either:

  • A boating course approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) or …
  • A proficiency examination approved by the Ohio Division of Watercraft.

Our USCG ABC course meets the requirements of NASBLA  and we have the Division of Watercraft cover the state requirements at our class, so that when you pass the requirements you will get the OHIO certificate.
Arrangements can be made for classes at other locations when there are sufficient number of people interested.  We have held them at Companies, Boat Distributors, Marine Supply Companies, and Yacht Clubs.

Kayak Classes   ACA Certified  – held at Bass Pro, Rossford

May 24th  Tue-5pm-8pm   Intro to Paddlesports (Kayaking)- classroom
May 27th   Fri- 5pm-8pm   Intro to Kayaking-skills section- on the water
May 28th   Sat-9am-12      Intro to Kayaking-skills section- on the water
June 8th    Wed-5pm-8pm Intro to Kayaking-skills section- on the water
June 11th  Sat-9am-12      Intro to Paddlesports (Kayaking)- classroom
June 13th  Mon-5pm-8pm  Intro to Kayaking-skills section- on the water
June 24th  Thur-5pm-8pm Intro to Kayaking-skills section- on the water
July 7th      Thur-5pm-8pm Intro to Paddlesports (Kayaking)- classroom
July 9th      Sat-9am-12      Intro to Kayaking-skills section- on the water
July 13th    Wed-5pm-8pm Intro to Kayaking-skills section- on the water

For more information on Kayaking – Contact Pat Groves @419-729-1529 or 419-276-0821

Vessel Safety Checks
Flotilla 06 conducts Vessel Safety Checks, VSC, at numerous marina around the Toledo Area during he boating season.  We can also arrange to have the vessels in your Yacht Club completed.  Numerous Yacht clubs require a VSC to be completed for every vessel launched from their facilities yearly for insurance purposes.

VSC’s can also be arranged by calling us at 419-849-3491 or emailing the webmaster.

The best part of knowing your vessel meets the USCG Federal Requirements and the State of Ohio requirements is that it is FREE.   Vessels that meet the requirements are given a Decal that is placed on the left front side of your vessel to let all know that you care enough.

Feb 10 2011

Howard Pinkley Landing

The Howard Pinkley Launch, is completed and covered with snow just waiting for the spring thaw. There is room for 6 vehicles to park at the site, with one of those reserved for handicap. Currently the City of  Toledo Parks has a “closed” sign across the launch ramp, for the season.

Jan 30 2011

Hello Fellow Canoers and Kayakers!

Well, here is the new, and I hope, improved website!!

This will be more interactive and informative than the old website.