Aug 16 2015

The “Try a Kayak” program ends for the 2015 season

The 2015 “Try a Kayak” program was a great success, with over 30 people kayaking for the first time!

This week will be the last of this program for this season (already booked).  The second annual “Swan Creek Fall Color Kayak Tour”, is around the corner, October 18th, at this point, all kayaks are reserved. 

Aug 16 2015

Water Route!

In Sunday August 16th issue of the Toledo Blade, Matt Markey, Outdoors Editor, has an an interesting article on a “Water Route for Paddlers” , around the Lake Erie Islands! Check it out, I know a number of you have paddle these routes, but what a great idea to promote paddling!

Jul 14 2015

The out will go on this evening July 14th, 2015

The sun finally came out, but there are a few clouds to the North moving south easterly! Conferring with knowledgeable weather enthusiast, I think we are going to give it a go for this evening!
YES we will go out and paddle this evening, with an “Eye to the sky” as I’ve been reminded!

But as usual, check here or Face Book before you head out for any last minute changes!!

Jul 07 2015

Outing is ON for tonight – July 7th- 2015

What the heck, I’m getting tired of these “wet Tuesday’s”, let’s go for it!!

See ya there at the HP Landing, unless you have a confirmation for tonight to use one of the group’s kayaks, at the pizza location!!

Jun 30 2015

Moon Light Cruise/Pizza outing rescheduled for Thursday July 2nd!

Same time same place, just different day!

Hope to see you there!!

Jun 30 2015

Moon light Cruise is Canceled for June 30th, 2015

Moon light cruise is CANCELED!
With 50-60% chance of rain and thunderstorms for afternoon through evening- it’s not safe!
Rescheduled for Thursday!!

Jun 29 2015

Moon Light Cruise & Pizza! June 30th 2015

Pizza/Moon Light cruise is tomorrow  June th 2015- WEATHER permitting! please let me know if you are attending so i can plan on how much pizza to order!

Please check the Facebook Page and or web site for any last minute changes, like weather or location, BEFORE you leave heading out the door! We will try to put notices out by 3pm if we know for sure it is to be canceled, 5:15 at the latest.

Don’t forget to bring- bottle of water, hat, sunscreen and a zip lock bag to keep all your valuables (wallet, phone, keys) dry!

Jun 04 2015

Kayaking Safety Classes June 24th 2015

US Coast Guard Auxiliary is offering Kayak classes on Wednesday June 24 at 5 pm at Olander Park shelter house, Sylvanina.


The on water sessions to be arranged.

cost is $30. kayak and life jacket for on water sessions will be provided for those that do not have a kayak.

Call Pat Groves to reserve a spot in the class- 419-276-0821

May 31 2015

Change in Tuesday’s June 2nd moon light cruise

This Tuesday is scheduled to be a moon light cruise and pizza night, but due to damage to the “pizza dock” and not knowing if it will be repaired in time, We will cancel the pizza segment, but the moon light cruise is on!

Be aware that the moon will not rise till 9:02, so plan on being out late to take full advantage of this spectacular opportunity!

Meet at HP Landing at 6pm- having everyone in the water by 6:30!

As usual, please check back here for any changes/cancellation due to- weather or location .

May 31 2015

Surf’s up!!

Water is up!! check out the Ottawa River cam ( ) to see how high it is!
the river rose 13″ from 6:30 to 7:30 this morning- WOW!
the dock is the highest I’ve ever seen it and have concern if it rises much more!